Glitch Edit

Glitch Music is a form of Electronic music made to represent funk/jazz styles with the touch of an of digital electronic. Even though it is considered a subgenre to Electronica, it is a broad enough style of EDM to have subgenres of it's own.

According to certain sources, Glitch Hop is made with modern digital editing studios. Using an "aesthetic of failure" in it's style, glitch hop is either highly liked, or highly disliked. It also splices from previous recorded works, although that is not proven to be 100% true yet.

It's origins come form modern forms of many styles, and the idealistic idea to make sounds from everyday items(Specifically, electronics).

Fun Fact: Glitch, which had been believed to be from the late 90s along with many other EDM styles. However, it can be traced back all the way to the early 20th century. :)

Glitch Hop(Subgenre to Glitch)Edit

Glitch Hop, modern day Glitch Music. It is supposed to represent funk/jazz styles, while at the same time going at the tempo of a Hip-Hop beat in order to make the song faster paced. Almost, if not all genres of music with the word "Hop" usually are played at 110bpm. So while common belief states that glitch hop has hip-hop styles, not really, just the same tempo.

It can date back to when Warp Records signed many glitch producer artists who were all influential to the modernization of Glitch Hop.

A popular one, being Aphex-Twins. 

Another notable thing, that makes many confuse it with a dubstep song, is that it contains modern edm "Wubs" that many Dubstep Related Songs Include.

Falcon Funk's "Pounce" is a new Glitch Hop song that suits the meaning "Glitch-Hop" perfectly.

Falcon Funk - Pounce (Original Mix) Monstercat

Falcon Funk - Pounce (Original Mix) Monstercat

Falcon Punch uses funk/jazz styles, at the hip-hop tempo of 110bpm, while producing the modern wub sounds.

As you can see, this song is a perfect example of what Glitch Hop, actually Glitch in general.


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Also, Glitch is always modernizing. It will modernize when technology modernizes, it is truly a remarkable form of Electronica, and has one of the longest histories in all of EDM.