Spam, Hate/Slander, Unrelated Topics.

We are a music wikia, so don't come on here posting about GTA V or what not. If you'd like you may always post that in the general category of our forums, as talking about one thing can get quite pretentious. As far as spam goes, don't add a page with nothing on it. Or add a bunch of random pages that have like one letter in them. Doing so could eventually lead to ban from posting on this Wikia. Hate is another thing that will get you banned, as I want it to be a friendly and professional community.


If you feel like your post is more biased, or opinion based, then for heaven's sake post it in a blog. As a community we need to know the line between being interesting and being unprofessional. In addition to informative stand points, you need to have as little grammar mistakes as possible(People will edit small things). So if you want to talk about your favorite EDM Genre, you can always vote on our top10 list, or post a blog.

That's it, really. If you want to learn more then I will add more as we go. But for now, have fun.